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Popcoin a digital alternative to invest quickly and without complications in 2020

Popcoin a digital alternative to invest quickly and without complications in 2020


Through its digital manager Popcoin, Bankinter offers up to 15 investment fund portfolios adapted to different saver profiles.

2020 has made us rethink our economy. We now seek a better return on our money. The solution is to invest: In a context of negative interest rates, many Spaniards have begun to invest part of their savings seeking for alternatives. One of the most booming is mutual funds.

Until a few years ago, investment operations were more complicated. Today everything has changed thanks to technology: digitization has made things much easier, and today’s investors have it easier than ever. Before it was impossible to invest online. Now, digital managers help you skip the physical procedures for greater comfort.

For those who want to bet on investment funds, these digital platforms the best route. They come from the US; they were born as roboadvisors. Five years ago, they arrived in Spain. The first digital investment manager was launched by Bankinter: Popcoin.

This service is intended for investors who seek to obtain a higher return. Also, for those who do not have time to directly manage their investment. For this, Popcoin brings these investors closer to investment solutions. And all these services are within one of the main financial entities. Popcoin’s First Investment Barometer already came out. And 94% of the respondents positively valued their investments being backed by a bank.

Register online and in a few minutes

From only 1,000 euros, the investor can register easily, and contract a fund portfolio from their phone or computer. Popcoin’s operation is 100% digital, without paper or face-to-face procedures.

All you have to do is register on the Popcoin website. Then, link a checking account of any Spanish financial institution, indicate your investment preferences and amounts. It is not necessary to be a Bankinter customer; Popcoin is an open investment service.

Based on these data, Popcoin proposes an investment portfolio.  They make up a selection of funds, (for which the Bankinter’s Analysis and Markets Department makes a rigorous audit). In addition, the management team reviews the portfolios periodically, monitoring the evolution of the markets. Clients do not have to worry about any additional procedure; they receive continuous information on the investment’s evolution. 

The objective of Popcoin is to obtain the best profitability. Also, to always maintain the conservation of its assets.

Five risk profiles in Popcoin

Popcoin designed a test to easily know what is your investor profile. It depends on your appetite for stock market risk: the higher the risk, the higher the investment. According to the estimates of Bankinter’s Analysis Department, in 2020, it will be better to to bet on equities (Stock Market) than on fixed income.

Depending on the risk profile, we find defensive, conservative, moderate, dynamic and aggressive investors. 

Once you have a profile, you can choose between an active management or an indexed management. 

  • Active Management, your investment will be in the hands of the experts, who will monitor it. In this modality, there are ten portfolios: five invest in the Euro Zone (“domestic” portfolios) and five internationally, preferably in the United States. The defensive plan has an investment in the Stock Market of up to 15%; the conservative plan invests up to 25%; the moderate, up to 40%; the dynamic, up to 55%; and the aggressive, up to 70%.
  • Indexed management has five portfolios, all of them global. This management shows more competitive prices, since here the investor prioritizes going with the movement of the markets. In this case, the indexed management mimics what a stock index does, its evolution. Here, the defensive plan has an investment in the Stock Market of up to 15%, while the conservative one dedicates up to 25%; the moderate, up to 40%; the dynamic, up to 55% and the aggressive, up to 70%.

The Popcoin mutual fund pricing scheme is straightforward. In the case of managed fund portfolios, there is a portfolio management fee of 0.73%. For index fund portfolios, the fee is 0.49%.

When investing, past returns do not ensure future returns. But investors do look at the evolution an asset before allocating their money. This year, the returns of the Popcoin portfolios have been between 3.72% and 19.04%.

Popcoin makes available a comparator, as well as all the information, so the clients can make decisions.

In short, Popcoin’s services provide a way to invest in funds without leaving your home. Besides, knowing that behind this service there is a renowned Spanish bank, such as Bankinter, reassures us.

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